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 What purpose do myths serve ?

Myths are stories that teach us understanding, justifying situations that face the human condition and relate to life experiences. They are invaluable educative tools in regards to our behaviour, actions, understanding society and fundamental questions about life and its meaning.  

 Myths in our everyday life

Myths illustrate the bonds we have to others, the perception of our own reality and the way we address it. Traces are still found in modern language, such as these sayings :

Desire for the forbidden fruit

Open Pandora's box

Crying wolf

A Sysiphean task

A Faustian pact

Strike a chord

Heed the siren's song

Embrace a Promethean ambition

Get lost in a maze

Fall down the rabbit hole

Rise from the ashes

 …Until the end of times  

SPEED-MYTH workshops lead you to a new way of dealing with the following questions :

Where does creativity begin ?


How do you formulate a creative direction ?


What drives you to complete a project ? 

A creative tool

Stories and symbols derived from myths travel over time and influence every artistic practice: visual arts (painting, sculpture, tapestry), performing arts (theatre, music, dance, performance), and technological arts (film, broadcasting, digital arts).
Artists have an interest in representing and interpreting myths. 
If you look carefully at their works, you can often find an answer to a question, the solution to a problem - an explanation. The challenge is how you formulate the right question…


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