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© Pleix, Discodeine-Aydin, 2013

There's creativity in everyone

Imagination, improvisation, playfulness, originality... These are all highly sought after qualities in the arts and culture, and also in the field of management nowadays. Artists and creative people are garnering know-how and techniques praised by everyone.

© Nathalie Auzepy, L'arbre de vie, 2016

"Dis-automate" the work

As technological and global business challenges push towards more automation, we must reconsider the reality and value of work: "invent, create, think, transform the world"*.

The creative process of artists is key to achieve a different way of thinking within the workforce. Everyone has an idiosyncrasy that reflects their creativity, but not everyone is aware of it. You can learn to discover your talent and use it to enhance teamwork.


*Bernard Stiegler, L’emploi est mort, vive le travail (Employment is dead, long live work), interview with Ariel Kyrou (Mille et une nuits, 2015)

Uncover your creative traits

Benefit from a hands-on guidance on discovering your own creativity. This can be done both individually and on a collective basis. "Creativity coaching" helps you to challenge your potential ! 

© Bartholot, Floating, 2013
© L'Apocalypse de Saint-Jean, illustrée par la tapisserie d'Angers, Editions Diane de Selliers
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