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Boris Grébille, Head of IESA

Founded in 1985, IESA aims to offer a cross-disciplinary approach in the main sectors of management, from the art market, tourism & heritage, event planning and performing arts. IESA offers training (BA, Master and MBA levels) and adult courses. Its network extends throughout France and abroad, including both London and Beijing.

« Whether curating an event or conceiving a new service, myths provide an invaluable creative resource. Young professionals taking part in Fabrice’s workshops may at first be surprised with his unconventional approach, but they quickly engage in his creative game.»

Laurent Jaudon, Head of the Ecole de la Cité (2012-18)

The brainchild of multi-award winning French producer-director Luc Besson, the Ecole de la Cité puts talent first.  Candidate’s creativity and motivation are the principal criteria for admission and two courses are currently offered, one for screenwriting and one for directing.  Teaching focuses on practical aspects and both internships and group work are regular features. Permanent and on-going contact with film industry professionals is helped thanks to the schools location at the heart of the Cité du Cinéma in Saint-Denis, Paris.

​« Each participant comes with a very diverse knowledge of the myths and topics addressed in Fabrice’s workshops, but this doesn’t impinge on their efficiency whatsoever.  Teamwork bridges any gaps in participant’s knowledge and encourages individual creativity with a collective dynamic. In the end, each team’s proposal is surprising, original and spot-on» 

© Alice au pays des merveilles et De l'autre côté du miroir,  illustrés par Pat Andrea,  Editions Diane de Selliers
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