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I would like to thank the artists and the publishers who gave permission to reproduce their works on this website and in my workshops. Our paths crossed or cross again...

Addictive TV

Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler - London

Audiovisual remixers

New show and album "Orchestra of samples"(!K7 records, 2017)

Nathalie Auzépy

Nathalie Auzépy, NA Studio - Paris

Visual artist and Designer


Robert Bartholot - Berlin

Photographer and Artistic director

ML Colrat

Marie-Laure Colrat - Paris

Visual artist and Art therapist

Pioc ppc

Pioc ppc - Gap

Graffiti and Street-artist

Olivier Degorce

Olivier Degorce - Paris

Photographer, Musician and Author

Exhibition "They came, they party'd, they left" at Galerie Intervalle


Pleix - Everywhere

Virtual community of digital artists

Marcel Sahut

Marcel Sahut (1901-1990) - Aix-en-Provence

Painter, Illustrator and Set designer

A great-uncle whose visual touch infused my childhood with mythic creatures

Lemieux Pilon 4D Art

Michel Lemieux et Victor Pillon: Co-Directors - Montréal

Multidisciplinary artists who create unique hybrid productions that merge the performing arts and multimedia.

Les Editions Diane de Selliers

Since 1992, Diane de Selliers has been publishing landmark literary texts in tune with the greatest works in art history

Chema Sarmiento

Chema Sarmiento - Paris / Leon

Scriptwriter and Film director

cie toula limnaios

Toula Limnaios: Choregrapher and Director

Ralf Ollertz: Composer and Director

Halle Tanzbühne - Berlin

© Addictive TV, Orchestra of samples, 2016
© Nathalie Auzepy, L'arbre de vie, 2016
© Bartholot, 2016
© ML Colrat, La chienne, 2016
© Olivier Degorce, They came They party'd They left, 2016
© Fabrice Bonniot
© Dave Macleod, ICARE, une création de Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon Lemieux Pilon 4D Art, 2014
© Pioc ppc, Queen B n°5, 2015
© Marcel Sahut, Opéra de Pékin, 1964
© cie toula limnaios, Every single day, 2011 - toula limnaios, ralf r. ollertz, maría de dueñas lópez, hwan hee hwang, amit preisman, mayra wallraff, fernando balsera, alexander carrillo, antonios vais
© Pleix, Simone, 2002
© Chema Sarmiento, Viene una chica, 2011
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