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4 problem-solving modules intended to nurture your individual and collective creativity: 


learn to tell

your story, create your own myth

Storytelling workshop : guidance on creating a short story or a script. Develop a story concept, lead characters, setting and mood, and narrative structure.

Each story or script will be developed with your values and culture. For this workshop, you can also create an original myth for unifying purposes.



create an event

(private or public) to bring value to your identity

Event workshop : guidance on creating an event, such as an exhibition or a performance, or both.

Conceive the event, artistic direction/curation, and staging for a targeted audience. This will all relate to the identity and culture of both your organization and the potential audience.



imagine new products and services that would give greater value to your organization

Functional design workshop : guidance on conceiving a new product or service. Think of an unprecedented idea that you haven't yet offered your customers. You will originate the idea, create a mock-up or blueprint and develop its marketing strategy.



learn to define or challenge your artistic line

Artistic workshop - for up-and-coming or emerging artists. As a group of participants, you will be guided in order to create a collective work in a limited amount of time. Starting from a universal myth, you will discover your "personal" myth.

Skills development

Team building : brainstorming, collaborative writing, discovering complementary skill sets, trouble-shooting, (dealing with any obstacle or team tensions), team pitching and project presentation

Self-development: help boost your confidence and ability to imagine, design, structure, and introduce an innovative project.

How to implement the SPEED-MYTH workshops in your organization

SPEED-MYTH workshops can be both tailored to your needs or incorporated in your management modules within your organization.

  • People management : training programmes with a focus on incentive, efficiency and management changes.


  • Brand management : design and market-research of a brand-image or corporate identity.


  • New products management : process innovation, developing your blueprint and creative marketing strategy for launching new products and services.

  • Event management : themed seminars/think-tanks and events (internal, VIPs).

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